Startup Aarhus 

Startup Aarhus (Startvækst Aarhus) puts special focus on helping English speaking entrepreneurs and companies who want to expand their businesses in the City of Aarhus.

Our purpose is to strengthen business development and increase employment in the municipality. We accomplish this in cooperation with the corporate sector, business associations and other public sector actors - and we have the experience it takes to help entrepreneurs and businesses flourish.

We are here to help you

Startup Aarhus (Startvækst Aarhus) is financed by the City of Aarhus. You are always welcome to contact us for more information or to make an appointment with one of our consultants.

Self-employed and freelancer

We guide all types of entrepreneurs in Aarhus. Are you self-employed, a freelancer, a traditional entrepreneur or an IT startup with growth ambition - we are here to help.

You may also want to attend some of our events, which you can read about on your left hand side. Here, you can also find helpful background information and links to organisations that are relevant to know when you are an English speaking entrepreneur or international company.


Startup Meeting: A free event for English speaking and internationally oriented entrepreneurs who are planning to start their own business in Aarhus.

Specialist Meeting:  Free advice from lawyers, accountants, SKAT and specialists with different areas of expertise.