Develop your business in Aarhus

Business Aarhus offers competent guidance when larger and well-established businesses come to town.

Business Aarhus offers impartial advice free of charge to businesses wanting to set up in Aarhus. Among other things, Business Aarhus helps find an appropriate location, introduce your business to the local area, and generally assist your business in getting off to the best possible start.

Examples of Business Aarhus' advice on location and establishment:

  • Introduction to the area
  • Analyses, benchmarking, and basis for decision-making
  • Visit programs – both practical and VIP
  • Identifying locations
  • Identifying suppliers and collaboration partners
  • Establishing contacts to relevant collaboration partners, networks, institutions, and decision-makers
  • Access point for contacts with the relevant authorities
  • Recruitment
  • Welcome meeting with relevant decision-makers and key players
  • Profiling your new business

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