Useful links

We have gathered a number of useful links which may help entrepreneurs and businesses to a good start.

In the top menu and at the bottom of the page you will find shortcuts to our STARTUP environment. Here you can find general background information and answers to most common questions you are likely to have before starting up or as a growth business:

  • If you an entrepreneur thinking of starting up a business, you will find useful information under the topic Before starting up.
  • If you are a business owner who would like help and inspiration for growth and development in your business, or if you need advice on everyday problems, you will be able to find useful help under the topic Business.

Links relevant to Aarhus

We have also gathered information links primarily aimed at entrepreneurs and businesses in the Aarhus area. You will, for example, find shortcuts to networks, office communities and educational institutions in Aarhus.

Useful links for entrepreneurs and businesses in Aarhus
Networks for businesses in Aarhus
Premises and shared offices in Aarhus